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Tamara Lee Biography Photo Tamara Lee Biography
Born: 8/30/1969
Aliases: Tamara, Ms. Lee, Tamara Pontiff, Tamara Durant, Tamara Lee Kyser

Date of Birth: July 30th, 1969
Birthplace: Riverside, California
Current Resident in Newton, Alabama
Height: 5' 8" Weight: 132 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 35
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brunette Breast: 42D

Tamara Lee was ever the entertainer, starting off in topless and cabaret style dancing, nude modeling, and off the amateur charts as she made her start in adult films. Soon after in 1988 she tested the waters in many gentlemen?s clubs and show sets. Tamara seemed the all be it true natural fit for whatever and whomever she strived to do. Porn quickly became the artistic outlet as she spun off some 64 intermittent movies thru to 1993.

Porn Star Tamara Lee's a truly stunning brunette who has one of the sexiest natural bodies in the business. Tamara Lee's got a cute face with a petite nose and sexually healthy figure that throws curves in all the right directions. Tamara Lee embodies the figure of a B-29 adorning female figurine of the wars of past. That pin-up girl set off a carnal treasure of teasing unlike any ever seen. An exactingly wild woman steamed up the set the minute she vocally enthralled the passion at hand flowing with love and that gorgeous autumn flow of locks, set back you are in for a treat. Never a mention of disappointment came from any lips man or woman when these lass strutted her sexy stuff. She's unmistakably sexy and unconstrained whether performing with men or women, a dream girl for the porn adoring masses.

She endearingly pulled off the top heavy innocently sweet, girl next door persona flaunting those fine assets and naturally seductive body into quite the fan favorite. With her true passion in dancing and the feel for the flair in business she enhanced the dancing scene with her random spots in adult film. This theme worked well for her and kept her living the life quite well. The draw and speculation she drew were a great tease for her enamored audience. Not too much time apart but enough to leave them in the wanting for ever the next taste of Tamara Lee. Quite the ?show-woman? she is to have impacted in such a sporadic culture of audience.

From Strip club to flattering the cameraman in either still or motion adult fantasy. As in any career a break is due, we seen an absence of nearly 13 years as a new onset to today?s tastes savor her in the midlife ?MILF? undertaking to current day.

According to numerous web sites including Excalibur Films and IMDB, Tamara Lee passed away from AIDS on February 3rd, 2005 in Whittier, California after contracting the illness from a boyfriend who was a heroin-addict. That's pretty specific. Except one thing: It's completely untrue.

It all started with an innocent correction note on October 9th, refuting the fact she was dead. Unfortunately, we receive lots of bogus or unprovable correction notes, so I was very skeptical the woman in the gallery was really Tamara Lee, especially considering numerous reputable web sites claiming she is dead. I contacted the owner of smutfun.com (an older-woman themed site), "WJ," to find out the identity of this mysterious woman and if the images were taken recently.

Here's what WJ had to say:
Those pics were taken on 8-7-2006. The male is Dino Bravo and the female is Tamara Lee. I have a copy of her driver's license and it was issued in November 2005.

Date of birth: 07-30-1969
Ht: 5-08
Wt: 155

As noted by many co stars within the business Tamara fluctuated greatly in weight during her career and still balloon diets like many other weight conscience adults.

BenzX, the person who sent me the original correction note, recently sent me another link to a different Tamara-Dino gallery on a different web site.

so what we have here is at least two different photo galleries with an older woman who looks very much like Tamara Lee, and confirmation in the form of a model release and photo id that Tamara Lee was still performing as late as 2006. So, it's pretty clear that Tamara did not die in 2005.

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